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Gaelle Necklace

Gaelle Necklace

256,00 €Price

Gaelle is a necklace that can be worn easily and freely every day.

The combination of lightweight aluminum chain, cotton pearls, plastic beads and rhinestones gives a gorgeous impression just by wearing it.


We recommend wearing it simply as a single strand, or double-wrapped as a choker.

The magnet makes it easy to attach and detach.

Length : 91cm
White cotton pearls and Gold chains

  • About Shipping :

    Shipping fee in Europe

    Under 70€ ⟶ 8€

    Between 71€ - 160€ ⟶10€

    More than 161€ ⟶ Free


    Shipping fee for rest of the world

    Under 70€ ⟶ 12€

    Between 71€ - 160€ ⟶14€

    More than 161€ ⟶ Free


    Shipping from Paris, basically in 3 business days, to over the world. It takes 7 to 15 days to be delivered depends on the country.



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